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Why Hire a Carpet Cleaner?

November 2, 2019

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There's a lot of reasons to hire a carpet cleaner and we are here to give you valuable insight on the most important ones. Most people, for example, do not have time to clean their carpets by themselves and the last thing they want to do is rent a dirty carpet cleaner from a store. DIY carpet cleaning can be a real burden, especially on the busy home or business owner.

Not all rugs are created equal and some are made with fabrics and fibers that require special attention that only a professional can give. Deciding to hire a carpet cleaner is always a wise thing to do because they have the right equipment, tools, and detergents to tackle tough stains without harming the integrity of your rugs. Plus, a professional carpet cleaning company is able to appropriately remove odor-causing bacteria.

Did you know that carpet cleaning without the right equipment can turn into a multiple-day process? Without proper water extraction equipment, you can count on your rugs staying soaked for days. We've got a carpet cleaning solution to help you avoid all of this!

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Hire A Carpet Cleaner - You Won't Regret It

When you hire a carpet cleaner you immediately take the burden of the time-consuming task off your shoulders. There's a lot that goes into carpet cleaning and it isn't as simple as putting some soap down on the floor and hoping for the best. Check out some key reasons to call in the professionals:

  • Different fabrics require different care
  • No need to rent or buy expensive carpet cleaning equipment
  • Most store-bought carpet scrubbers don't feature sanitizing components
  • Professional carpet cleaners know how to get out set-in stains
  • Carpet cleaning experts know tips and tricks that you do not

Professional Carpet Cleaners Bust the Bacteria Barrier

Your carpet is a breeding ground for bacteria and even mold and mildew. Retail carpet cleaners and detergents simply don't' get have the power to get rid of these organisms. In fact, some DIY detergents and tools actually encourage bacterial growth! Hire a carpet cleaner who knows what they're doing through experience and trial and error to efficiently clean up your carpets so that they're fresh and clean. Your rugs will smell amazing, too.

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Related Carpet Cleaning Questions & Answers

I'm going to hire a carpet cleaner. Will it be expensive?

It all depends on how many square feet of carpeting you have and the soil level. Each company will charge different rates that are based on unique factors. However, the average cost of carpet cleaning is around $25 to $75 per carpeted room.

Does professional carpet cleaning take a long time?

Again, this depends on the size of the carpeted areas and their soil levels. In most cases, when you hire a carpet cleaner, the job gets done much quicker versus doing it yourself.

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