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Exceptional Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Manchester CT

RX Sandless Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Manchester, CT

Hardwood flooring is one of the most elegant and beautiful flooring types in existence. it possesses classic qualities that turn any dull room into something extraordinary. Not everyone knows how to properly maintain hardwood floors, and unfortunately, this often ends up with the floor needing to be replaced. However, if you find yourself in such a predicament we urge you to call the professionals of AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning Manchester before going to any drastic measures. Our team has the knowledge and skills to take a hopeless hardwood floor and completely restore it through our unique refinishing process. Our hardwood floor refinishing in Manchester, CT is a modern RX no-sand process that, just as it's name states, requires zero sanding. This method is non-invasive and far more time-efficient than hardwood floor refinishing protocols of the past. Call our friendly staff today for more information about this innovative refinishing process!
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hardwood floor refinishing manchester ct
hardwood floor refinishing Manchester ct

Protect Hardwood Flooring with Expert Refinishing!

There is still hope for your beat up and worn out hardwood flooring. You might think that your hardwood has been decreased to nothing more than old planks of wood in your home but our floor cleaning company is here to tell you that floor can be restored to a gorgeous, pristine state once again. You see, we are different than our competitors in that we don't automatically reach for the sanding tools. Instead, we apply a product called RX for Wood Floors. This stuff is pretty much magic in a bottle! One of the main components of RX for Wood Floors is an ingredient called urethane. Urethane is what takes your dull, lifeless hardwood floors and turns them into something amazing again. When you need hardwood floor refinishing in Manchester, CT you need AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning Manchester on the job.
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Efficient Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Manchester, CT

We understand that you lead a busy life and you can't have your home consumed with floor refinishing chaos for days on end. Perhaps, you have children or pets who need to utilize the hardwood floor space? We totally understand considering we are a Family-owned and operated business. AmeriBest is excited to tell you that our RX No-Sand hardwood floor refinishing process takes just one day. That's it! Our crew of friendly employees will be done with your floors, from start to finish, in a matter of hours. You'll be able to get back to your normal routine in no time. Our customers always choose our cleaning services because we are fast-moving but extremely efficient. You can count on us getting the job done right the first time!
fast hardwood floor refinishing manchester
hardwood floor refinishing manchester

Simple 3-Step Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process

Many things, like pets, can scratch and scuff up your hardwood floors. However, we don't want you to worry because we can take care of it in a simple, 3-step process that is fast, safe, and effective. AmeriBest Carpet Cleaning Manchester makes hardwood floor refinishing in Manchester, CT easy! The first thing our skilled employees will do is apply a chemical sanding component. This is a liquid solution and not sanding in the traditional sense. The purpose of this step is to remove any finish on your hardwood in order to prep it for a fresh, new topcoat. Next, we'll apply the RX for Hard Wood compound to buff away any scuffs, scratches, or nicks that may be on your floor. This is our favorite step because it magically takes your hardwood from blah to woah! Lastly, we apply a nourishing topcoat to the wood which seals in the hardwood floor refinishing and protects for many years to come.
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"Dependable, honest and thorough. Shows up exactly when he is scheduled to and gets cuts no corners. I've tried Stanley Steamer, Carpet Medic, and Sears. None come even close."

– ROY M. 

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Manchester, CT, and More!

We're your one stop for cleaning services in Manchester! In addition to epic hardwood floor refinishing in Manchester, CT, we offer a plethora of other helpful services that will make life much easier for you. We want to take the dirty work off your hands so you have time for other things. We proudly serve the areas around Manchester, including East Hartford, Windsor, South Windsor, Glastonbury, and Coventry. 

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