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How to Clean a Shag Rug

November 24, 2019

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The '70s might be over but the shag rug is making a comeback. One of the biggest dilemmas homeowners and business owners are facing is how to properly clean these retro rugs. How to clean a shag rug isn't as hard as one may think. In fact, there are a few simple solutions to keeping these shaggy floor fabrics looking great.

Shag rugs are undeniably groovy in nature but they have a tendency to get a bit dirtier than shorter fiber rugs. There's a method for keeping the dirt and dust off the long tendrils of the shag carpet. Don't worry, it's not hard and we'll tell you how.

When you take the plunge and install shag rugs into your home or office you have to be prepared for the upkeep that these fuzzy-under-your-feet rugs require. Our carpet cleaning company has the secret on how to clean a shag rug and it isn't as difficult as you might have thought.

How to Clean a Shag Rug with Household Materials

Did you know that you can sue an ingredient as simple as white vinegar to get the nitty-gritty out of your shag carpeting? As a matter of fact, white vinegar, water, and white microfiber cloth are the beginning of how to clean a shag rug. You can also toss some dry rug shampoo into the mix for added scent if you aren't sensitive to artificial smells.

Keep it Simple with Common Cleaning Tools

To clean a shag rug all you need is a broom and a vacuum cleaner. If your vacuum cleaner has a handy upholstery attachment, that's even better, especially for stuck-on debris or stains within the shaggy fibers.

Combine equal parts of the vinegar and water and pour the solution onto the area of the rug you wish to clean. Blot up the stains with your white microfiber cloth. Once the stains are gone, take the rug and hang it someplace to dry.

Once the rug is dry you can flip it over and vacuum the underside of the rug as not to disturb the long fabric fibers. You can use the broom to remove dust from your rug between cleanings.

Relate Questions

How do I clean a shag rug using the washing machine?

You don't. Placing a shag rug into the washing machine can destroy it by unraveling the long, shaggy fabric fibers.

Are there special detergents to use on a shag rug?

There are certain soaps on the market that are targeted towards shag rug carpeting but they can be pricey. Using the white vinegar and water method should be sufficient.

To learn more about carpet cleaning solutions for shag rugs and a free, no obligations quote on area rug cleaning, give us a call!

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